Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

Two Final Issues

The last round of testing of the simon 0.2 codebase only resulted in two found bugs.

The first one is quite annoying in that it essentially limits simon functionality. The HTK does not like words that start with the character "'". That makes "words" like "'em" (short version of "them") fail during the model compilation with a confusing error message.

As I really don't want to mess with the wordlist code (we would have to escape special characters under certain conditions) so late in the development process, I delayed that fix for the 0.3 series. In the mean time just stay away from 's at the beginning of the word, please. Words like "that's" are no problem, tough (as the "'" is not at the beginning of the word).

The second bug was a rather strange one: Some people reported that over time, the recognition became slower and slower for them. All of the users that reported that bug were using Windows. During testing, I found out that using the pseudo device called "SoundMapper" (or similar) caused this - when using the hardware device everything was working. So if you experience this issue, please check that you use the appropriate hardware device instead of meta-devices.

For users that don't read the blog, I added entries for both problems in the troubleshooting guide on our wiki.

And yes, I know that these are hardly the last two bugs in the 0.2 code - but they are the last to be fixed before the stable release which makes them kinda special ... for me anyways :)

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