Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

GSoC 2011: The Hilarious Aftermath

During last years GSoC I had the pleasure to mentor the very talented Adam Nash on his project to introduce context aware speech recognition in Simon.

After the summer he continued to work on his project until it was ready to be merged with the Simon codebase. Since then he has finished college and, deservedly, started his own promising career.

So imagine my surprise when I received the following email from Adam a couple of days ago:
Hey Peter,

So, I mentioned some sort of "thank you" present before, but private jets were back ordered at the private jet store.  I decided, instead, to write you a song that is all about you (probably - I had to guess onsome of the biographical details).  Anyways, I attached the mp3 and pasted the lyrics below. I hope you like synthesizers! (because all I have is a bass and a synthesizer :/ ...)

Thanks again for your killer mentorship.

And guess what? It turns out that Adam is not only a great coder but also produces hilarious music.

The track and lyrics are below (shared with his permission).

this guy named peter's super whack
he'll pull your code and push your stack
he's got 1337 skills, he'll pwn your C
he likes accessibility

Compared to his, your code is weak
your hello world's got a memory leak
he sorts his lists in constant time
he's super pimp at code design

The computers are all like:
hey there's peter
he's much sweeter
than those other dudes, yo he's the leader
of the simon listens software
so you hate-ahs better beware
cause he wrestles giant ninja bears
eats sandwiches and combs his hair
I tell ya sometimes he will even share
his sandwiches with giant ninja bears
after he beats them in a wrestling match
It's a voluntary action
He doesn't need to share his sandwiches with anyone
But he does
Call the fuzz
just because
If he was
givin sandwiches out
he's got some splainin to spout
for 20 counts of super-felonies for
aiding and abbedding the ninja bears
at their ninja lairs
with their ninja sensibilities
and sneaky swift abilities
they got responsibilities
to hide their visibilities
assassinate nobilities
they causin volatilities
exposin the fragilities
of upper class facilities
they're also bears

Thank you Adam. Not only doing a great job on your GSoC project, but also for having fun doing it.
It was a pleasure to work with you.

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Akademy 2012

In just a little over two week, the annual KDE conference will start in Tallinn, Estonia.

I'll be there talking about how to build accessible systems:
This includes how to build solutions tailored to people with special needs from the ground up  but also how you can make sure that your application can be used by everybody.

See you there!