Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Look out - cool stuff coming your way!

Ok I have way to little time at the moment for simon development let alone regular blog updates.

However here is a quick overview of the latest updates:

  • simon can now import dictionaries to the active lexicon. While you obviously not want the whole BOMP or Voxforge Dictionary in your active dictionary it is a little step towards easy export and import of the speech model.

  • The URL to the BOMP has been corrected - they had moved.

  • simon can now import prompts files through the import training data wizard.

  • simon can now be launched through the ksimond context menu.

  • Some phoneme segmentation issues have been fixed.

And finally: A new application has been added to the simon suite: "sam".

sam stands for simon acoustic modeller and is an application targeted towards power users to tweak and test their speech models. Of course sam is nowhere near usable right now but the first lines of code have been written so I thought I should mention it here.

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