Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

simon meets MeeGo

I'm happy to report that since August, I can now officially call myself a Qt Ambassador!

As an Ambassador, I had the opportunity to apply for a loaned Nokia N950 to develop / port applications to MeeGo/Harmattan. I took Nokia up on their offer and the result is simone - a trimmed down, mobile version of simon. In other words: "simon embedded" or "simone".

The client features push to talk or automatic voice activity detection (configurable) and because of simons client / server architecture uses little power on the device itself. Even with voice activity detection running you should get many hours of continuous speech recognition out of a single charge.

On the one hand, simone can be used to replace the headset of a "full" simon installation but also includes a couple of default actions on the device. For example, you can use a voice controlled quick dial feature or start / stop a turn-by-turn navigation.


For more information and a live demo, have a look at the youtube demonstration:

If you can't see the embedded video, try this direct link.