Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

simon 0.2-beta-1 released

Ok what better way to start a blog about the development of a software product than it's first beta release?

So without much further ado, you can download the version from sourceforge.

This is pretty much a feature complete 0.2 release (only some command-stuff is missing which I have planned for the next beta) and at least in my tests it has proven to be quite stable.

This is also - as pointed out earlier - the first beta release of simon ever (0.1 only got to alpha 2.1 before being discontinued) so this is kind of a big step forward. However, that does not mean that simon is ready for productive use yet. It needs a lot more testing - which is something you could help us with! Download a version for your plattform from the download page and try it out!

Along with pre-built debian packages and of course a complete source package (which contains an updated build-script) this also marks the first time we release a binary installer for Windows (yes a real installer built with NSIS) - and it contains all the needed dependencies too (except HTK because of their licence).

Please report any bugs or feature requests on our bug tracker.