Freitag, 24. April 2009

A little fun with the AI Plugin

I just set up a little conversation model which allows for a handful of simple sentences to be recognized. I then loaded the AI Plugin, turned up the speakers and had a little conversation with my notebook :)

This is how it went:

Me: Hello
Computer: Hi there!
Me: What is your name
Computer: My name is alice.
Me: My name is Peter
Computer: Your name is Peter?
Me: Yes
Computer: That's cool.
Me: Yes
Computer: Pardon me?
Me: Yes
Computer: Ah.
Me: What are you
Computer: I am alice. The female chat robot-electronic brain...
Me: Cool
Computer: Who is the best robot?
Me: you are the best
Computer: Thank you very much human...
Me: you are welcome
Computer: The pleasure was all mine.
Me: Bye
Computer: Thanks for chatting, Peter!

While certainly not very helpful - this is pretty cool :)

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