Montag, 27. April 2009

Linuxtage 09

On Saturday we gave a presentation at this years Linuxtage in Graz.

In short: It was awesome :)

We had the largest of the three lecture halls and it was nearly full which means we had about 30 - 40 people listening. The presentation of the software worked out perfectly which just goes to show that the current version is very usable already.

Sadly we could not get into all the discussion points presented during the presentation (after all we had just 45 minutes) so we continued the discussion in the cafeteria afterwards.

All in all, it was a great way to get people interested in the project and it was a pleasure to meet and talk to other free software enthusiasts.

On a related note: One of the people I talked to at the conference, Sven Guckes, pointed me to an Austrian phonetic database called Adaba. This database also comes with a lot of sound samples spoken from professional speakers so this could even be a starting point for a speaker independant german acoustic model. However, the licence is commercial so we have to see what we can do...

Correction (11.05.2009)
Seems like I mixed up two conversations I had. Astrid Gruber was the one that pointed me to Adabe. Thank you very much!

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