Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

Simon 0.4: Start the Countdown

Exactly 25 months ago, the last stable release of Simon, 0.3.0, was released to the public.

Since then, more than 1100 changes were committed introducing tons of new features, fixing countless bugs and completely revamping the user interface.
In fact, more than 40 % of all commits to the Simon code base have happened after the release of 0.3.0.

Today, I want to finally announce the release schedule for Simon 0.4.0:

2012-11-1Feature Freeze
2012-11-5Soft Message Freeze
2012-11-15Tag and Release: Simon 0.4.0 Beta 1
2012-12-5Tag and Release: Simon 0.4.0 Beta 2
2012-12-20Hard Message Freeze; Documentation Freeze
2012-12-21Tag and Release: Simon 0.4.0 Release Candidate
2012-12-28Tag: Simon 0.4.0 Final
2012-12-30Release: Simon 0.4.0 Final

This will be the first release after becoming an official KDE project - let's make it a great one!


ralfherzog hat gesagt…

Hi! I hope that it will be a great release.

I tried to install the current development version, but unfortunately I failed (the Simon installation procedure says "Could NOT find Pocketsphinx" even though it is installed on my computer).


Peter Grasch hat gesagt…


This is probably due to Simon requiring the current SVN version of PocketSphinx and SphinxBase.

We have been told that they will have reached the general public by our release date but until then, you'll need to install their development versions.

Best regards,