Freitag, 4. November 2011

Looking for a KDE related job? We are hiring!

We, the non profit research organization simon listens e.V. are looking for qualified C++ / Qt / KDE hackers to join our team!

Initially, we would be looking to fill part time positions but they can be extended to full time afterwards.

While our projects mostly focus on speech recognition using our own, KDE based solution called simon, you do not need to know anything about speech recognition to join!

Interested? Contact me for more information or send me your resume right away: grasch at simon-listens dot org


Niels Mayer hat gesagt…
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Niels Mayer hat gesagt…

Interessant, aber ich lebe in den USA, ist Telearbeit eine Option?

Vielleicht interessiert in mein neues Open-Source-Voice app: es ist Qt/QtMobility-basiert, läuft auf MeeGo/Linux, und für Nokia N9 auf

Für weitere Informationen:

Peter Grasch hat gesagt…

Hi Niels!

Teleworking is an option altough we are still working through some legal problems that might arise (funding).

Best regards,