Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

simon at the CeBIT OpenSource 2011

Thanks to the generous support of the Linux New Media AG, the simon listens e.V. will have a stand at this years CeBIT OpenSource event.

The CeBIT is the biggest IT event worldwide with more than 400 thousand visitors last year so you can image that I'm pretty excited about this :)

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some KDE folk there as well!

On a related note: Does anyone know a cheap place to stay at during the event? It seems like the superlatives of the event sadly extend to the hotel rates during the exhibition...


ipwizard hat gesagt…

Did you try http://www.jugendherberge.de/de/jugendherbergen/visitenkarte/jh.jsp?IDJH=301

Mark hat gesagt…

How about Couchsurfing.org

Peter Grasch hat gesagt…

Thanks for the suggestiosn! I already knew about the Jugendherbergen (and even those are expensive) but hadn't looked at couchsurfing. Definitely looks interesting :)

Also got a good recommendation per mail so thank you everbody!

Best regards,