Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Integrating speech recognition with other applications

As many of you will probably already know, we pay a lot of attention to make speech recognition actually usable by integrating it with existing applications. We do this by simulating conventional interaction patterns (mainly mouse and keyboard) through our command infrastructure.

simon 0.4, however, will also allow application developers to use the speech recognition much more effectively by providing plugins to call DBus and JSON functions.

If the application to be controlled has either of those interfaces, you can utilize these new command plugins to write simon scenarios that call methods in the application through the IPC layer. This way you can directly execute code with voice commands which makes the system much more robust and powerful than, for example, using global shortcuts for the same purpose.

Moreover, simon 0.4 provides a dbus interface to allow third party applications to execute simon commands directly as well.


Daniel Beck hat gesagt…

Which speech recognition engine will be used?

I had the impression that most open source speech recognition systems were bad, but I may be not up-to-date.

Peter Grasch hat gesagt…

Hi! We use the Julius Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition library as our recognition engine (http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en_index.php?q=index-en.html).

You can have a look at simons performance here (not staged):

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