Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

openSUSE conference 2010

This years openSUSE conference has sadly already ended. It was a nice event with lots of cool people. 

As planned we arrived just in time for the conference party which of course was a lot of fun - I even got a genuine Jos Hug (tm).

People tried to steal the big plush Geekos all night long. The above attempt was - surprisingly - not successful :)

Altough we were only there for a couple of days, we got to see a bit of Nürnberg and it's a very nice city. Especially the K4 "Kulturzentrum" (literally translated: "centrum of culture") which hosted fridays open movie night was very interesting. 

The simon talk yesterday was also very well received (we actually took about twice as long than scheduled because apparently nobody needed the room) and quite some people jotted down the contact details. Hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon!

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gnokii hat gesagt…

in that case I think was not to try to steal the geeko, its more geeko try to eat Rhonda (the debian guy) :D