Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

Benefit project

On the 1st of February 2010 the friendly society simon listens started to work on a new project. For the next one and a half years, the simon listens team will investigate ways and means to make the simon speech recognition solution even more usable – especially for the elderly.

With the help of verbal control provided by simon using terms of everyday language, useful scenarios and areas of application shall be created to enable an easy use of new communication technologies such as the internet, telephone and multimedia applications for elderly people. Moreover, additional security can be provided, for example, a reminder for the user to take a medication.

In the course of this project we will join forces with the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory of the Graz University of Technology, the HTBLA Kaindorf/Sulm, the Rehabilitation Clinic Maria-Theresia, the KFU Research Center for Austrian German and the Huminatis Graz to ensure that we have the necessary expertise to tackle such an ambitions project.

The solution created in this project will be released under the GPL license. All code will be freely available to the community.

Thanks to the generous support of the bmvit (federal ministry of transport, innovation and technology) of Austria and the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) for making this possible!

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