Freitag, 28. August 2009


Hi fellow readers! Long time no see!

As some of you might have seen, there was an article about simon on the dot. Thanks for Troy Unrau for making that happen!

The article spawned a lot of discussion and interested and several sites brought it up. Most notably the discussion on lwn focusing on the license issues. The article also hit digg (50 digs), osnews, several twitter/ feeds and a lot of blogs everywhere.

Of course this also showed on our download statistics. We had more downloads in the last week than we had in the whole month before that! The forum has also been noticeably busier than usual but the low number of support requests showed that the extensive documentation of simon 0.2 really helps a lot.

The simon homepage runs google analytics so there has been quite some interesting data about our (newly found) user base:

  • 55% of all visitors were running GNU/Linux (Windows: 39%; Mac: 5%)

  • Our 5000 hits were spread out to 106 countries using 75 different languages; The most used languages were English (2500), German (1000), French (500), Chinese (200).

  • In the open source scene, firefox rules the browser battle (58%)

  • More people are using konqueror (9%) than Internet Explorer (7%) (of course this is because of the KDE-specific audience this month but I still found it interesting; konqueror was actually on 2nd place after firefox)

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